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On March 11th Quality Dairy Celebrated
Our 85th Year Serving Mid-Michigan!


Quality Dairy Company was founded in March 1936 by Gregory J. Martin and Harvey Mack. The first store was located at 1406 South Washington Avenue. At the time, milk was most commonly obtained by home delivery. The original company mission included providing bottled milk on a cash and carry basis from small neighborhood milk stores. The price of milk at the time was seven cents a quart.

In 1940, Quality Dairy Company started producing, distributing, and selling ice cream. Quality Dairy stores also began to sell candy and gum around the same time. Since then, the stores have greatly expanded the offering of grocery items, adding cereals, soups, canned vegetables and fruits, snacks and more, along with a selection of meat, cheese and frozen food items not typically found outside the major grocery stores. Dipped ice cream was added in 1969.

In 1955, Quality Dairy Company’s ownership changed. Harvey Mack sold out to Mr. Martin who brought in 3 additional owners shortly thereafter.

Currently Quality Dairy Company operates 27 stores throughout Greater Lansing. All but two locations sell beer and wine and sixteen locations sell packaged liquor. Eight locations offer gasoline and six stores have Laundromats.

In addition to our retail stores, Quality Dairy Company operate QD Central – QD’s Production and Distribution hub for all of  their Bakery, Deli, and Dairy products.

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