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Greater Lansing's Neighborhood Food Store


QD Card Clubs

QD-Clubs---itemsBuy 6, Get Your 7th FREE!

Included with every QD card.

Get extra rewards for the items you buy every day!

  • QD Pint Milk Club
  • QD Premium Pint Ice Cream Club
  • QD “Big Dip” Cone Club *
  • QD Fountain / QD Freeze Club *
  • QD Fresh Sandwich Club
  • QD Coffee Club *
  • QD Metropolitan Brand 16-32 oz. Loaf Club
  • QD Red Bull 12 oz. Club
  • QD Smart Water 1 Liter Club
  • QD Monster Java 15 oz./Espresso 8.4 oz. Club
  • QD Jack Links Jerky 3.25 oz. Bags Club
  • QD Lipton Pure Leaf Tea 18.5 oz. Club

*Tax is required on applicable items.

Clubs not valid with other discounts.



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