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QD Employee Spotlight – Brooke Marx
Location:  East Lansing (White Hills Store)
Position:  Shift Manager (started as CSR)
Started:  April 2020
From: Perry originally but resides in Lansing
Employment Experience:  Hospitality management, aerosol manufacturing

Meet Brooke Marx.  Brooke primarily works at the Whitehills store but he also supports other locations as he is needed.  Brooke came to Quality Dairy after a five year career in the aerosol manufacturing industry and previously managed restaurants.  In the first seven months since Brooke joined the team, he has already been promoted to shift manager and is excelling in that position.

When asked about his favorite part of his job, Brooke replied, “I love that this is a community store.  You see the same faces each week and you get to know your customers and their families.”  When not at work, Brooke enjoys being involved in the community, working out and taking in a show.  “I love the theater!  Right now we don’t have any theater but I love the professional theater in Williamston, the Williamston Theater.  I love the acting and to watch stage performances, they are just amazing”.

When asked if he would give any advice to new QD employees, he responded, “I would just tell them to dig in.  Embrace the customers.  Get to know the customers, you know, make them feel special.  Make the customers feel like a priority.”

Brooke is a great example of the ability of QD employees to ascend in the company with hard work and dedication.  If you would like more information on the QD Opportunity, click here.

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