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QD Employee Spotlight – Carlos Lenz
Location:  Holt
Position:  Shift Manager (started as CSR)
Started:  November 2018
From: Holt
Employment Experience:  Fast Food

This is Carlos.  You may recognize Carlos from some recent QD video productions including his amazing longboard stroll through Old Town.

A 2018 graduate of Holt High School, Carlos began working for QD as a CSR (customer service representative) and has moved up the ladder to shift manager at the new Holt location.

After working in fast food in High School, Carlos was looking for something more.  “I am going to school for acting and needed a flexible schedule that paid more money than where I was at” says Carlos.  As a full time student and theater major, Carlos was looking for a job that let him focus on his passions but still paid him a solid wage.  Carlos went on, “The store managers here are really cool and good to work with.  They do everything they can to work with us on the schedule so that we can balance work and school.”

Carlos enjoys the environment at the new Holt location.  “It’s fun, it’s face paced.   Sometimes the customers are great, sometimes we have to work a little harder to make them happy.  In the end, there is a lot expected of us.  So when our shift ends and it’s time to go home, you really feel like you have accomplished something.”   When asked if he would recommend to his friends and family to work at QD, he said, “Oh yea.  It’s fun, there are great people here and it pays pretty well”.

In his free time, you can find Carlos spending a lot of time working on his acting craft, gaming with his friends or longboarding.

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