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QD Employee Spotlight – Blayze McDonald
Location:  Mason
Position:  Shift Manager (started as CSR)
Started:  May 2011
From: Mason
Employment Experience:  Utility Worker

We would like to introduce you to a wonderful Quality Dairy employee, Blayze McDonald.  Blayze is part of the Mason community and cites his dedication to Mason as his favorite part of the job, “I love working at QD because of the neighborhood community feel.  Working here, you get to see some of the same people day after day and you kinda develop relationships with them.  You learn their name, what they buy, they learn your name, and you just feel a bond with them.”

“I really like working at QD.  It has an adjustable work schedule, the pay is pretty good and that can lead to benefits.”  Blayze continued on, “I definitely plan on being here.  Whether I move up from here, time will tell, but I am going to be at QD”.

When Blayze isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family, landscape photography, painting and drawing.

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